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Our Mission


Here at Eighty80 we like to keep things nice and simple.

We aim to supply items to our customers that will bring that little bit of extra happiness to the day. And we try to do that as conscientiously as possible.

We love all that is personalised but most of all we love letters and numbers! We supply 6 different colours currently. You just pick what you want to say and we will make sure you receive a shiny balloon letter version of what you would like! We like to keep things personal, and make it nice and easy to customise any order.

We love all our customers and do our best to stay human on a very much computerised retail world we find ourselves in.

Our balloons are Re-usable, and we have done our utmost to ensure that unnecessary plastic is eliminated. Thats why everything you need is environmentally friendly. Our straws can be composted and our balloons are not to be thrown away but re-used! We have recently added Bio Degradable, Compostable balloons to our range so if you must have some colourful balloons, you can do it without feeling guilty!

We work closely with many Charities and Arts Organisations so please DO always get in touch with us. You will hear back from one of our team members!

We have 5 members here in Preston!

Mia, Roxanne & Noelle and of course Gary the Dog and Dad (who likes to come in for coffee)


Regional Brand Manager of Morale

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