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Black Cat Head Balloon

Can be filled with Helium but is quite small so won’t float high! We thing with this one it’s better to hang!

Inflate with a straw which we will always provide! Hang or stick to your display :)

Super cute party cat balloon :)

size approx. 48x36cm

(reusable if you don’t use helium)


  • 1Step 1

    Locate the valve on the bottom of the balloon and insert straw provided

  • 2Step 2

    Blow air through the straw and inflate the balloon until it is plump

  • 3Step 3

    Pinch the valve shut to seal the air in while removing the straw

  • 4Step 4

    Hang the balloons using some string or stick them to walls or windows with double sided sticky tape.

Our Customers Said

Best balloons!

My all time favourite company to buy balloons from such amazing quality 👌 would not buy from anywhere else now I've bought for Novelty Instagram followers Birthday Anniversary

Jodie H.


These were so easy to put up and they stayed inflated for such a long time! Perfect balloons for my 30th <3 thank you

Mary K.

Happy happy happy

Straw and Ribbon to hand included! Excellent balloons and great value for money! Thanks! Delivery was quick too!!

Courtney A.

Black Cat Head Balloon